Hi, I'm Narendra 👋

UX Professional with 4.5 years of experience and 1.5 years in software testing (I switched career fields early on). I have worked on mostly e-learning products and to a lesser extent in fintech and proptech products.

Some time ago, I took an interest in learning AR/VR design and its potential uses. Are you also learning something new? Let's share our experiences.

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GamifyEd Template (based on Octalysis Framework) | Medium blog | Design and Collaboration? Making it work (Figma File)

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I will enquire about your pressing problems and what actions were taken before to address them.

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What you perceive as a successful designer in the role? What has made current designers successful?

People I Have Worked With


It was a pleasant experience working with Narendra together. He has an eye for details and he designs interfaces in a systematic way.

Kirill Maltsev . CTO at EdAider . LinkedIn


Driven, efficient, and passionate - this is the best way to describe Narendra. Most recently, Narendra was the “user research” guest lecturer on Inicio’s “Explore UX Design Fundamentals Course". During the course, Narendra demonstrated that he has a strong work ethic, is extremely professional, and a real team player.

Kristyn Maguire . UX Program Manager at Inicio . LinkedIn


Narendra is a supportive colleague when we were working together. He excels at user interface design and often gave guidance to me as a junior.

Ellie Luo . Product Designer at Health Integrator . LinkedIn
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Case Studies (Relatively Shorter)
So What's Next?

If the first impressions click, let's connect for a deeper conversation. My aim is to learn everything that you need to know to say, "Yes, I found the right person."